• At Von Arnim, LLC, we provide “soup to nuts” Intellectual Property (IP) services for early-stage companies.

  • What We Do

    We leverage our extensive engineering, product, and patent experience to create essential assets for your company by discovering key IP that differentiates your product offerings. This is done by understanding your product space, competitive advantage, and key contributors. Our approach is uniquely “hands on” where we work directly with your creators to stimulate and discover your innovation. We work with your team to capture the ideas, and their nuances, and transfer these to one of our partner law firms for drafting and prosecution; and we stay actively involved to ensure that the claimed inventions do not get misaligned in the process.

  • Team

    Santa Barbara, CA

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    Jonathan Lang, Ph.D.

    Founder, CEO

    As the seventh employee at Sonos, Jonathan played an active role in its growth from an early-stage startup in 2003 to the category leader it is today. Along the way, he held a variety of roles including Innovation and IP strategy, Product Management, Offshore Manufacturing, Engineering Development, and Continuing Engineering.


    Jonathan was solely responsible for all patent filings at Sonos until 2011, and is a named inventor on over 88 patents. IEEE Patent Power 2017 recognized Sonos' patent portfolio as the 2nd most valuable portfolio in the "electronics" sector of the technology world and the 19th most valuable portfolio overall across "all" technology sectors. He holds a Ph.D. from UCSB in Electrical Engineering.

  • Testimonials

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    Jack Shen

    Dir. Product Strategy

    "As a technology startup, patents and IP are a not only a cornerstone but a foundation that both represents and protects our work. As Adero looked to develop its IP portfolio, Jonathan came highly recommended to build our initial strategic framework. Jonathan was embedded as a member of our own team, taking on roles as an IP leader and mentor to our product development team. He fulfilled a critical role in coalescing and transcribing our products, concepts, and engineering innovation into a framework that balanced our short-term needs and long-term vision. His facilitation and guidance on the process from kickoff to actionable definition resulted in multiple patent applications filed within a few short months, allowing us to advance in strategic conversations on multiple fronts. Our team has deep respect for his contributions and I highly recommend his services those who are thinking seriously about intellectual property."

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    Vacit Arat

    CEO & President

    "I met Jonathan through an introduction by one of our investors at a time we were stuck in this all-too-common “we are way too busy to apply for patents” mode. His track record in generating patents at Sonos was almost too hard to believe until we witnessed how quickly and easily he harvested our best ideas, and turned them into 3 utility applications in a matter of 3 months with very little disruption to our engineering team. He definitely has that formula down, and we look forward to working with him on an ongoing basis for years to come."

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    Zach Smolinski


    "Often, the developers of new companies, new products, or new systems are solving so many problems on a day-to-day basis that they don't really have the time (or sometimes even the ability) to explain exactly how their solutions work. The all-too-common result can be a working solution that has almost no documentation understandable to anyone outside of the organization. Jonathan employs his experience with innovation strategy to help people and companies through the process of exploring and describing their solutions completely so that they can be clearly understood and built upon. I have seen first-hand the results of Jonathan's structured approach to the strategy and tactics of innovation development, and the value he brings to these processes is immense."